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Internet everywhere

Get internet in your pocket

From 67 €

You don’t have internet credit anymore? Does your operator play tricks on you?  

With the Hotel Lille Europe, you can reassured! We offer our "HYPPOCKET WIFI 4G" to pick up wherever you are!

Imagine, you’re in the city center, without any internet credit to help you to find your way ... Or you meet your Idole in the center of Lille ... No luck, you don’t have enough internet credit to share your joy with the other!

With our offer, you will not miss a moment that you want to share!


The Hotel Lille Europe is ideally located for your weekend in Lille. We are located 800 meters from the center of Lille, and 100 meters from Lille Flandres Train Station and Lille Europe Train Station. The city center offers you several possibilities of internet use: displays photos of Lille center to share with your network, find a way to get to the right destination, know the opening hours ... Do not play with fire , Play Security with our Pocket Wifi 4G!

Your internet stock will not be damaged and you will enjoy it at the station while you will be waiting for your train! And you will be even more gratefull if this one is late ...  We also think about our workers; what’s better than having a portable wifi?

An emergency problem? A "forgotten work"? This will not be stressfull with the Pocket Wifi 4G we offer, the problem will be resolve in  1 minute! 


And, if you’re free of all stress, you can fully enjoy the city center its activities, so, you will be guided by the smell of the grilled chestnuts downtown, by the crowds of tourists and by the Typical kidness of Lille’s inhabitants ... We always have good ideas for you!